Seymour Mace and Peter Slater: Sundayland (4 stars)

This article is from 2009

Seymour Mace and Peter Slater: Sundayland

Running from an Edinburgh downpour into the warmth of Sundayland is a magical moment. For one hour the Baby Grand is transformed into a welcoming place of ramshackle characters, physical comedy and biscuits for all. With its hosts Seymour Mace and Peter Slater, (both comic actors featured in BBC’s Ideal and Saxondale amongst others,) it’s impossible not to think of the ultimate comic absurdists Reeves and Mortimer. In fact the format, with fake news, weird characters and odd prizes will be so familiar to fans of Big Night Out that Sundayland suffers in comparison.

So such wackiness is not new, but it is difficult to do well, and thankfully Sundayland hits the right side of surreal stupidity. Russian roulette with party poppers is as funny as it is actually tense, and Swear at Who takes offensiveness to a new level of game show inanity. There are moments where an unsuccessful joke threatens to unravel the show, but the fast pace saves it from these transgressions. Mace and Slater are obviously having fun and in Sundayland it’s contagious.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, Until 30 Aug, 5:45pm, £9-£8 (£8-£7)

Seymour Mace and Peter Slater: Sundayland

  • 4 stars

Join the guys from BBC3's 'Ideal' as they perform a different show every day.Biscuits! Swearing! Idiots!We've got it all and fabulous prizes too. 'Sundayland' -'Extremely funny and strangely relaxing' (Manchester Evening News).

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