Jon Holmes (3 stars)

This article is from 2009

Jon Holmes

Safe and silly hour of rock’n’roll nostalgia

During a success-studded radio career, Jon Holmes has been sacked from employers for ‘sick’ live antics such as urinating in Dermot O’Leary’s desk drawer and forcing minors to spell out naughty words. And as recently as February, The Now Show participant and BBC6 DJ was slaughtered by The Sun, of all people, for saying nasty things about the dying Jade. Strange, then, that this hour of memories about rock star excess and/or pretentiousness should be as threatening as the theme tune to The Archers.

Holmes jokes about his height (or lack thereof) and takes sideswipes at such ludicrously soft targets as James Blunt, the Daily Mail and Sting, while he even trots out the Bono fingerclicking/dead Africans anecdote as though this was the first time it had ever been aired. Still, despite the overbearing Radio 4ness, plenty of Rock Star Babylon is above-par nostalgic entertainment: how can you not love tales of metal legends hiding their own excrement in hotel hairdryers? The best moment arrives when he secretly films himself strategically putting copies of his own book into the recommended section of a high street bookseller before being stopped in his self-marketing tracks during an almighty scrum. Now that’s edgy.

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Jon Holmes: Rock Star Babylon

  • 3 stars

The multi-award winning (tiny) star of BBC Radio 4's 'Now Show' and BBC 6 Music reads from his book of rock'n'roll rumours and tries not to get sued. With Stephen Fry as the voice of the footnotes.,

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