52 Man Pickup (4 stars)

This article is from 2009

Party games are combined with a refreshing honesty and unbelievable energy, as acclaimed American comedienne, Desiree Burch, chronicles her complete sexual history in this one woman show. Fast-paced and funny, Burch leaves nothing to the imagination as her conquests are ruthlessly dissected and graded, as she proves that women can sleep with whoever they want.

The City Cafe, 220 0125, until 30 Aug, 9.30pm, FREE.

52 Man Pickup - Free

  • 4 stars

Comedian/neo-futurist Desiree Burch shuffles stand-up, storytelling and a deck of sexual experience. **** (Time Out NY). 'Unrelentingly funny... terribly honest' (L Magazine). 'One of the best shows in the NYC Fringe' (NY Press). Acclaimed comedian, writer and solo performer Desiree Burch brings her salacious evening of…

Desiree Burch: 52 Man Pickup

  • 4 stars

Alternative storytelling from the solo performer.