The List Festival Awards: 2009

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  • 21 August 2009

This article is from 2009

The List Festival Awards: 2009

From chicken sex to naked puppets

Show most likely to help you bond with fellow audience members:
Internal, Mercule Point Hotel. Whether you make new friends or need a support group.

Best comedic guilt trip involving an Irishman in a penguin outfit:
A Betrayal of Penguins, Sweet ECA.

Most exciting depiction of chicken sex:
Chauntecleer and Pertelotte, Zoo Southside. We’re taking our theatre editor’s word for it.

Most heartbreaking use of a father’s predilection for dressing up like a lady:

Everything Must Go, Augustines. One woman’s lovely tribute to her deceased dad. In drag.

Show with greatest number of the act’s former teachers in the audience:
Daniel Sloss at Pleasance Dome.

Room where comedy critics feel least welcome:

Underbelly’s Delhi Belly. One of Susan Harrison’s characters is an embittered and hateful reviewer, while the sound guy for Tiernan Douieb announced (with a reviewer present) that reviews meant far less than word of mouth. We’re coping, sniff.

Most wince-inducing use of a scarlet stiletto:
The S&M number in C!rca, Assembly@Assembly Hall. Yeouch.

Prop most likely to impart salmonella:

One Up One Down, Zoo. Where a raw chicken deputises for a toddling baby.

Most gratuitous nudity on the part of a puppet:
Puppet Grinder Cabaret at Assembly. We didn’t need to see that.

Most-spotted celebrity:
It’s a toss up between Amanda Palmer (who’s been deliberately courting stalkers as she moves around Edinburgh) and Lionel Blair (we don’t think he’s doing it deliberately, but the boy is everywhere).

One Up, One Down

An original blend of dance, theatre, poetry and song depicting the trials of women under pressure in our high-speed consumer culture. A collaboration by Quee Macarthur of Shooglenifty fame, Zimbabwean poet Tawona Sitholé and three dance artists.

Daniel Sloss - Teenage Kicks

  • 3 stars

Solo debut from Scotland's 18-year-old comic powerhouse, 'So You Think You're Funny?' finalist 2008, Frankie Boyle writer on 'Mock the Week' and typical hormonal half-man/half-Xbox. 'Genuinely funny... Star of the future' (Time Out).

Tiernan Douieb: 28 Years Later

  • 2 stars

Tiernan's never grown up. In height or behaviour. Acclaimed stand-up Douieb brings his debut hour about adulthood, childish imaginings and zombies. 'Good solid laughs' ( 'Unquestionably talented... Genuinely funny' (ThreeWeeks).

Tap & Chat With Lionel Blair

  • 3 stars

An entertaining waltz around the colourful life of the inimitable TV cult personality Lionel Blair. Lionel has clocked up over 1000 TV appearances on shows'Give us a Clue' & 'Name that Tune'.

Puppet Grinder Cabaret

For adults only, this spectacle offers a feast of dazzlingly skillful puppetry. With a splash of raunchiness, this rip-roaring and outrageously funny show is an eclectic cabaret of live puppetry and animated short films.

One Up One Down

  • 3 stars

Women under pressure from our high-achieving, must-have consumer culture. Characters clash as, caught up in their quest for perfection, they sway between reluctant adoration and bitter condemnation of one another. Comic dance theatre, poetry and song deliver this poignant commentary. Gilmore reunites with Scottish…

Everything Must Go (Or the Voluntary Attempt to Overcome Unnecessary Obstacles)

  • 4 stars

An athletic-puppetic duet with my dad in drag (aged 78). Cinefilm, clown, puppetry and hurdling from dosshouseand music hall to dancing on graves. Inventive, fresh, brave.

Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls)

Following her sold-out gig at Edinburgh's Cabaret Voltaire, the Dresden Dolls' lead singer Amanda Palmer returns to play her biggest and only performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


  • 4 stars

Five spectators versus five performers... looking for a partner. 'Internal' explores how intimate you can get within 25 minutes one-on-one. Drinks and mandolins accompany a game of give and take; speed-dating meets group therapy.


  • 5 stars

Thrilling and moving. Tightly connected acrobatic sequences, intricate scenes and hauntingly beautiful moments. Physical poetry and extraordinary circus skills combine, bathed in layers of sound, light and projection. C!rca has received standing ovations around the world.

Chauntecleer and Pertelotte (A Beasty-Babel-Fable)

  • 3 stars

Inspired by the Canterbury Tales, and written in verse and a rich pastiche of Chaucer’s English, this sex-storming farmyard romp blends earthy humour, breathtaking physical comedy, and verbal dexterity. Telling the tale of a pair of naughty chickens, Chauntecleer and Pertelotte employs outrageous and sometimes bawdy…

A Betrayal of Penguins

  • 4 stars

Two of Ireland's finest up-and-coming comedians (John Gallagher/Matthew Smyth) take you on a hilarious adventure through life, love, betrayal. No penguins were betrayed in making of this show. 'Ireland's next great comedy partnership' (Irish Comedy Review).

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