Hitlist: Books

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  • 21 August 2009

This article is from 2009

Hitlist: Books

The best of the literary fest

Suhayl Saadi
It doesn’t get any more ambitious than the sprawling epic Joseph’s Box from this ever-inventive Glasgow author. 27 Aug, 4.30pm, £6 (£4).

Frank Gardner
The BBC man is here to talk about the more bizarre and absurd encounters he’s had on his journalistic travels. 30 Aug, 6.30pm, £9 (£7).

Steve Toltz
With a varied CV to his name (private eye, cameraman, telemarketer among his previous jobs), this Aussie has settled rather nicely into the job of full-time author, getting a Booker nomination for his debut, A Fraction of the Whole. 28 Aug, 10.15am, £9 (£7).

Tobias Hill
Poet and novelist Hill is fascinated by secrets and these have permeated his fiction so far. The suitably-titled Hidden is his most recent exploration. 29 Aug, 10.15am, £9 (£7).

Susie Orbach
The western world’s obsession with the perfect body has pretty much got out of control and the woman who helped treat Diana’s bulimia wants us to know there is something we can do about it. Read Bodies and see her here. 29 Aug, 4.30pm, £9 (£7); 30 Aug, 7pm, £9 (£7).

Mark Millar
The Scottish comics guy is now a Hollywood player thanks to the likes of Wanted but he will never fall out of love with his chosen craft. 29 Aug, 8pm, £9 (£7).

Douglas Coupland

He kicked off his wonderful career with Generation X and he’s now gone full circle with Generation A. 30 Aug, 8pm, £9 (£7).

All events are based in Charlotte Square Gardens. Contact the box office number on 0845 373 5888, or go to edbookfest.co.uk

Douglas Coupland

THE RSA EVENT Witty, clever and entertaining, Douglas Coupland's international bestselling novels walk the tightrope between optimism and paranoia. Generation A mirrors his debut Generation X, this time with a near-future world where bees are thought extinct, until five people in different countries are stung on the same…

Frank Gardner

THE OPTICAL SOLUTIONS EVENT Wanderlust had already shaped the BBC's Security Correspondent by the time of his shooting, in Riyadh in 2004; now, despite his disability, it gives Frank Gardner new purpose and takes him far afield again. In Far Horizons he recounts the journeys he has undertaken since his student days. Come…

Gil Adamson & Steve Toltz

WAKE UP TO WORDS Prepare to be astonished by two prodigiously gifted debut writers. Gil Adamson's The Outlander is set in 1903 as a mysterious young woman flees alone across the Canadian wilderness, pursued by the brothers of her victim: her own husband. A Fraction of the Whole by Australian Steve Toltz is a 700 page epic…

Mark Millar

Children's event: TEENS & ADULTS Mark Millar candidly discusses comics, graphic novels and Hollywood. His bestselling comic Kick-Ass is being made into a film this year produced by Brad Pitt; Wanted 2 is in development after the success of his blockbuster adaptation; and there is talk of a re-imagined Superman appearing…

Rana Dasgupta & Suhayl Saadi

FINE FICTION An hour of spellbinding fiction. Rana Dasgupta's Solo is a devastating, rapturous novel about the life and daydreams of a reclusive 100 year old man from Bulgaria. Suhayl Saadi's extraordinary and ambitious Joseph's Box sets its protagonists on a quest, starting in Glasgow, and closing amidst the frozen peaks…

Susie Orbach

SOCIETY AND THE MODERN WORLD Might we be the last generation to inhabit bodies not routinely reconstructed by surgical enhancements? One of Britain's best-known therapists, Susie Orbach considers why we increasingly strive for physical perfection. What does it say about our sense of worth? In Bodies she raises all too…

Tobias Hill & Claire Kilroy

WAKE UP TO WORDS Involving fiction from two talented young writers. In Tobias Hill's extraordinary novel The Hidden, an academic joins a dig in Sparta and uncovers dark motivations behind the close-knit group of archaeologists. All Names Have Been Changed by Claire Kilroy is an intense, unnerving literary thriller about a…