Cocorico (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.


French mime duo breaks down invisible walls

A petite, doll-like man in a Little Jimmy Osmond/Austrian prince costume who plays the piano beautifully and tries to avoid the ministrations of his larger and more buffoon-like partner … this French mime duo is not comprised of silent white-faced stair climbers with a habit of getting trapped in boxes.

From the moment Patrice Thibaud produces bendy multi-instrumentalist Phillipe Leygnac from a suitcase, the pair embarks on a series of sketches using music, physical comedy, hand puppetry and clowning. Of a cat-and-mouse, comic-and-foil structure or music-led gags or action scenes, each is brought to vivid life using movable light boxes, a piano, vocal noises and minimal props.

By the time Thibaud is portraying both a sleep-deprived tiger, and himself while trapped inside the tiger along with a whole menagerie of animals, you can practically smell the big cat’s stomach acid.

There are no deep hidden meanings in this hour and a quarter of laughs, just the simple joy of watching two men paint absurd pictures in your imagination.

New Town Theatre, 0844 477 1000, until 30 Aug, 9.30pm, £11–£12 (£9–£10).


  • 4 stars

Funny Frenchman? Yeah, right!Funny French mime? Don't make me laugh. Physical comedian Patrice Thibaud will.Until it hurts. An utterly original wordless duet with acrobatic pianist Phillipe Leygnac. Colourful characters and improbable situations explode the boundaries of realism.

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