Plane Food Cafe (4 stars)

This article is from 2009

Plane Food Cafe

Living the high life down low

As the years pass by, and all the various Fringe shows you have seen begin to blend into one, very few will have the power to stand out in your memory. But this one will. Despite being in the Theatre section of the Fringe programme, Plane Food Café is actually more art installation meets informal chat meets short film meets lunch.

It’s also the kind of show which works far better when you don’t know what to expect – so suffice to say that Plane Food Café takes place in one of the more unique venues at the Fringe this year. The subject matter – and film – is decidedly offbeat, yet ultimately deadly serious. While your two hosts also mix a witty irreverence with super-smart efficiency. Best of all, if you’re willing to lower your standards a little, the £6 ticket also includes one of your main meals of the day. Unforgettable.

New Town Theatre, 0844 477 1000, until 30 Aug, noon, 12.40pm, 1.20pm, 2pm, £6.

Plane Food Café

  • 4 stars

Inflight meals taste different on the ground. Find out how and why, perhaps weaning yourself off flying, at this pop-up art installation/restaurant serving genuine airline cuisine in plastic trays. 'Beautiful acts of absurdity' (Guardian).