Under Glass

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  • 20 August 2009

This article is from 2009.

Under Glass

The Fringe heads into its last week with a bang not a whimper, as a number of must-see shows throw open their doors for late, limited runs. None is more intriguing than Under Glass, Clod Ensemble’s stunning 20-minute exploration of the ways people find to live within their limits, which features a collection of human beings contained within glass jars and cabinets and combines distinctive imagery with choreography and original music.

McEwan Hall, 651 1292, until 29 Aug (not 27), noon, 3pm, 5pm, £10 (£7.50).

Under Glass

An extraordinary collection of human beings are contained within glass jars and cabinets. An exploration of how we might live within our limits - featuring Clod Ensemble's distinct style of imagery, choreography and original music. A Sadler's Wells commission.


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