Mark Millar

This article is from 2009

Mark Millar

Helping comics go widescreen

Mark Millar is surely the Steven Spielberg of the comics world. It’s a tricky task to be hugely popular while retaining massive critical acclaim, but he’s managed to successfully straddle the world of art and commerce with his love of mainstream heroes and cleverly plotted action blockbusters. For ideal evidence, see Civil War, Wolverine: Enemy of the State or Ultimate X-Men, plus American Jesus and The Unfunnies.

‘I’ve been bitten by the creator-owned bug,’ he says. ‘It’s weird, because in the past you would do Spiderman and Superman type things to fund your low-selling creator-owned books, but what’s happening is the creator-owned books are outselling the Marvel stuff now. It’s incredibly rewarding to sit and write something you made up yourself.’

And it’s paying massive dividends for Millar with big-screen adaptations of Wanted (Wanted 2 is already in production) and Kick-Ass. ‘I’m almost as big a movie buff as I am a comic buff, so for me it’s a bit like seeing your comics in print for the first time. It would be horrible if they were rubbish. I mean, if I was Alan Moore I’d be slitting my wrists,’ he laughs. Despite making inroads into the world of film, Millar is still in love with comics. ‘I think comics are the most interesting medium. There’s ten times as many ideas in your average graphic novel than your average novel. That’s why Hollywood has come calling.’

29 Aug, 8pm, £9 (£7).

Mark Millar

Children's event: TEENS & ADULTS Mark Millar candidly discusses comics, graphic novels and Hollywood. His bestselling comic Kick-Ass is being made into a film this year produced by Brad Pitt; Wanted 2 is in development after the success of his blockbuster adaptation; and there is talk of a re-imagined Superman appearing…