Bridget Christie: My Daily Mail Hell (2 stars)

This article is from 2009

Having previously done admin for the Daily Mail's gossip column, Christie's show revolves around her hatred of the paper, how terrible she was at her job and how appalling she finds it that anyone would judge her for it, despite her judging everyone from her bosses to Mail haters like Jack Vettriano.

Her charisma and encompassing theme create a surface appearance of a well-thought out one-woman show, but flaws in the internal logic create an objectionable experience, a bit too much like that newspaper.

Gilded Ballon Teviot, 622 6552, until 31 Aug, 6.30pm, £8.50-£9.50 (£7.50-£8.50).

Bridget Christie: My Daily Mail Hell

  • 2 stars

I worked on the Daily Mail gossip column. I was strangled by Gene Wilder, fed a fish by Peter Stringfellow, and saw Alan Yentob fall off a plastic chair. 'Wonderfully bonkers' - **** (Metro).

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