Words of Honour (2 stars)

This article is from 2009.

This exposé of the inner workings of the Sicilian mafia is a frustrating failure. Based on Attilio Bolzoni’s Parole D’Honore, it uses the testimony of an investigative journalist and a handful of criminals to lift the lid on life inside the Cosa Nostra. The two Italian actors are great, but their performances are undercut by the superfluous use of low-grade video projection.

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, until 31 Aug, 4.10pm, £11–£12 (£10–£11).

Words of Honour: The Mafia Exposed

  • 2 stars

'Words of Honour' shares the real stories of the bosses of Cosa Nostra. Their own words, stories you will never forget. Marco Gambino reveals, for the first time, the true secrets of the Mafia.


1. PaulHam31 Aug 2009, 8:27pm4 stars Words of Honour Report

Totally disagree with Miles! the visuals are actually quite powerful and provide additional hints to support the story (although it is not really a story, but rather a collage of monologues and indeed images from the world of Cosa Nostra). The names of the judges (for those who have been to Palermo, those images are taken from the "Piazza della Memoria"), the bleeding image of S. Rosalia, the oranges (clear reference to the ritual of pricking the finger with the thorn) and the map used to explain who pays the racket - these are hardly superfluos (and the technical quality was good, in my opinion) - I really enjoyed the show, great acting and nice dramatizations. Only negative note is that perhaps 50 minutes is not enough to tell everything about Cosa Nostra, but it is a brave attempt to do so.

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