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  • 19 August 2009

This article is from 2009.

Broken Records - Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Mon 17 Aug 2009

Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Mon 17 Aug 2009

Promoted to the Queen's Hall after last year's Edge festival performance at the Liquid, and following a year of showing the world just how beautiful music can be, you'd think this old cacophonous church would be the ideal place to show off the orchestral behemoth that is Broken Records. You really would think.

It's an odd experience though. As brilliant as it all should be, this being their home town too, it's a dry atmosphere and a workmanlike performance that never approaches that preaching passion both logic, and venue, suggests it should be.

Nevertheless, a below par Broken Records performance is like a weaker Martin Scorsese film, and all the elements that thrill are intact, if not working to full potential. And it's hard to go wrong on such brilliant Celtic joy as 'One Good Reason'.

It ends on a high too, with 'The Slow Parade' a communcal encore fit for the occasion, shaking the pews and converting the cynics.

Below expectations certainly. But it's their own fault for setting the bar so high.

Broken Records

  • 3 stars

Edinburgh's own Broken Records, recently signed to 4AD, promise an energetic live show combining elements of folk, world music and shades of Arcade Fire.


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2. XXX20 Aug 2009, 10:05pm Report

I was at this gig too. Had heard them but never seen them live - wanted to go because they had such a great live reputation. Have to say - they didn't disappoint (and I go to a fair few gigs so I don't think I am too easily impressed) THOROUGHLY enjoyed it.

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