The Aspidistras (2 stars)

This article is from 2009.

The Aspidistras

The unusually named Aspidistras are a musical duo who are all about the performance. Maria Hodson is particularly entertaining as the freakish Tim Burton or strutting around as Dan Brown, but overall the show has no cohesion. Too many separate monologues from Hodson and Geraldine Coyne, and an unfunny song or two spreads the laughs a little too thinly.

The Caves, 208 0882, until 30 Aug, 7pm, £7 (£6).


  • 2 stars

The Aspidistras are Maria Hodson and Gerardine Coyne. Their off-beat characters include an otherworldly Tim Burton, a noisy Dan Brown, the abused aristocrat Jebediah Smythe-Coburg, a sinister librarian and the self-conscious, melodic guitar duo The Girlz. The Aspidistras have been described by various audience members…

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