Wrecked (A Guardian Reader’s Quest to Save Africa) (2 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Shipwrecked between continents, a lone woman bobs along in her suitcase considering her childhood abroad and the liberal views she inherited from her mother. This energetic one-woman play would work better as a series of sketches: the characters are funny and well-drawn, but the narrative thrust gets submerged beneath an over-ambitious thematic scope (which includes post-colonial guilt, carbon-footprints and the priorities of motherhood – to name but three).

The Edinburgh Sleep Centre, 524 9730, until 20 Aug, 3pm, £6.

Wrecked (A Guardian Reader's Quest to Save Africa)

  • 2 stars

Part of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre's charity event 'Sleeping Partners' (see Events section). From South Africa - Dreamy, drifting... marooned musings... suitcase surrealism. Written and performed by Kati Francis. Directed by Leila Anderson.

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