Late 'n' Live – Gilded Balloon (3 stars)

This article is from 2009

It's hard to say what to expect at this Edinburgh institution. The hours between 1am and 5am are never the most predicatable in August, and less so when 400 drunken revelers are expecting entertainment from four even drunker comedians.

That's the charm of this ever-changing comedy cabaret though, and Sam Simmons, Lee Nelson and Pete Johannson all do a fine (and explicit, of course) job of retreading their own material, and embracing the free-for-all nature of heckling and unusual hats. And it really is an audience speaking its mind that makes the show, with spirits giving courage and the evening becoming a communal dialogue of mirth.

The music too from Big Hand is pure ska fun for those still standing, with partners swapped and moves dropped. And leaving just in time for the nearby chippy? A fine evening indeed.

Late 'n' Live, Gilded Balloon, every day to Aug 30, 1am (4hrs), £12.50-£15 (£10-£12.50)

Late 'n' Live

  • 3 stars

The first and still the best late night show on the Fringe. 'The celebrated comedy abattoir that has slain a thousand comics!' (Scotsman). Not for the fainthearted!