Vladimir McTavish - Top 50 Greatest Scots Ever, Part Two (2 stars)

This article is from 2009

Vladimir McTavish - Top 50 Greatest Scots Ever, Part Two

Vladimir returns with the follow up to 2008's Part One, a sideways look at great Scots old and new. Dishing out some familiar stereotype-based observations of the good and the not-so-good of modern day Scotland, McTavish manages to skit in praise of one particular Great Scot, the Highland answer to Ray Mears himself, Tom Weir. In a comical video interlude which brightened an otherwise routine run down of the man's work, the resurrected Weir took us on his own tour of the Festival City in all it's grim glory, binoculours and all. While this was a treat, for the experienced McTavish, the circuit looked to have taken it's toll.

Vladimir McTavish the Top 50 Greatest Scots of All Time Ever Part Two

  • 2 stars

2008 sell-out. Another affectionately scathing critique of one small nation's greatest icons. 'One of the finest acts on the circuit... sensitive, yet issues startling invective' (Guardian).