Flhip Flhop: Everything Happens on the Break (5 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Flhip Flhop: Everything Happens on the Break

Comic theatre gives hip hop the brush off

Given how the Fringe aspires to be a place for artistic cross-pollination and experimentation, should we be surprised when worlds collide? Well, what about the pairing of hip hop culture and painting and decorating? The white dungarees and paint soaked rollers are only the start, as Rannel Theatre Company throw down an hour of genuinely breathtaking physical comic theatre.

Joey and Matt are on a decorating job at their rich friend, Dave’s bachelor pad, but Matt’s pining for his lost love, and Joey’s short attention span is getting him into hot water. Essentially this is an excuse for the pair to display their skills via a string of skilfully conceptualised set pieces: beatboxing, a turntables face-off, furious popping and locking breaking moves, or a truly bizarre, but inspired piece of choreography involving two men, a stack of album covers with famous/odd faces on them and some seriously deft DJing.

This is a genuinely laugh-out-loud funny show, skilfully executed with razor sharp timing and intrinsic hip hop skills that are never diluted by the need to fit in the narrative.

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, until 31 Aug, 12.50pm, £10 (£8).

Flhip Flhop: Everything Happens on the Break

  • 5 stars

A hilarious and exhilarating performance about two bored decorators with time on their hands and beats in their heads. Combines hip-hop and comedy theatre to create something thrillingly unique. www.rannel.co.uk

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