The Brothers Lionheart (2 stars)

This article is from 2009.

The Brothers Lionheart

Heavy tale of death and doom

Jonathan and his little brother, Rusky set off an adventure that changes their lives forever. It’s a tale of dragons and monsters, and the mighty Tengil who has the villagers of Nangilaya living in fear. The boys must man-up and fight back against Tengil’s reign of terror, and although they are both scared, they repeat the show’s motto: ‘some things you just have to do; if you don’t you’re just worthless.’

It’s quite a heavy message (and not the catchiest) for the audience of primary school aged kids watching it. The opening scene sets the tone, when Rusky asks Jonathan, ‘Did you know that I’m going to die?’ As if that wasn’t melodramatic enough, minutes later,

Jonathan dies as the family home catches on fire. There are few laughs to lighten the mood, just lots of confusing appearances from Men in Black style baddies, and a grandfather figure trying to brace the boys for his eventual death.

Judging by the fidgety children, and sleeping adults (four at this show) the far-fetched, fussy plot fails to capture an audience’s attention.

Musical Theatre @ George Square, 651 1292, until 31 Aug (not 25), 3.05pm, £8.50–£9.50 (£7.50–£8.50).

Brothers Lionheart

  • 2 stars

The young Lionheart brothers, Jonathan and Karl, lead the villagers of Nangiyala against the might of Tengil's army and the monster, Katla, in the UK premiere of this glorious tale, which has enchanted the world for decades.

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