The Legend of Magnificent Moon

This article is from 2009.

The Legend of Magnificent Moon

Interactive African tale

There’s a charming simplicity to this new show by Edinburgh-based Toto Tales, which you can’t help but warm to. Inspired by a traditional African tale, the story centres on two brothers – the Moon and the Sun – who love each other dearly, but find their friendship marred by a nasty streak of jealousy.

Tired of hearing his sibling showered with compliments, the Sun steals the Moon’s bright colours and hides them far away – leading to a journey under the ocean and through the forest as Moon endeavours to recover his beauty. Along the way he encounters a speaking cave, greedy octopus and suspiciously colourful bird …

There are no fancy theatrics here, just the most basic of props transformed into atmospheric works of art. Stepping in and out of the narrative, two storytellers enjoy a witty banter between each other and with the audience, regularly asking us to join in the fun. As with all Toto shows, we’re then invited to create our own work of art by delving into their box of craft goodies and making a vibrant moon to remember it by.

The Zoo, 662 6892, until 31 Aug (not 23, 30), 11am, £6 (£4).

The Legend of Magnificent Moon

Long ago, when all was night, Moon shone with colours shimmering bright. But then his jealous brother Sun, stole them all, yes every one. Help Moon find his colours then create your own kaleidoscopic world.

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