5 questions: Potted Potter and Potted Pirates

This article is from 2009.

5 questions: Potted Potter and Potted Pirates

With two high-speed shows on the go, David and John, stars of Potted Potter and Potted Pirates whiz through our 5 Questions.

Give 5 reasons why people should see your shows
They’re funny; interactive; action packed; have music; and are themed (one has all the Harry Potter books in 70 minutes, the other has everything you need to know about pirates!)

What are the 4 best things about being part of a duo?
Not being alone on stage; being able to play off each other; working with your friend; not getting the blame if something goes wrong!

What 3 things do you enjoy most about playing the Fringe?
Meeting up with friends from all over the world; feeling part of the excitement and buzz that is the biggest arts festival in the world; the lovely feedback from audiences that have seen the shows.

What 2 other shows have you enjoyed so far this year?
Room on The Broom; and Bec Hill’s If You Can Read This My Cape Fell Off – Superhero stand up!

What 1 word sums up the David & John style?

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 31 Aug, 12.30pm (Potted Pirates), 4.15 pm (Potted Potter), £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Potted Potter: The Unauthorised Harry Experience - A Parody by Dan and Jeff

All seven Potter books in 70 minutes! Fringe classic returns, with a new cast. 'Blissfully funny... terrific family entertainment. A winner in every way' (Guardian). 'Delightfully delirious' (Telegraph).

Potted Pirates

Packing pirates from Long John Silver to Jack Sparrow into one madcap hour. With new shipmates for 2009! 'The schtick is practised, the jokes fast and furious. A great swashbuckling trip' - **** (Herald). 'Genuinely funny farce' - ***** (Scotsman).

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