Kids Events at the Book Festival

This article is from 2009

Kids Events at the Book Festival

It’s a jumble of big names and intriguing unknowns at the Book Fest this week, luckily Lizzie Mitchell is on hand to point out the best events for kids

Old favourites for kids include Michael Morpurgo (22 Aug), Malorie Blackman (22 Aug), Jacqueline Wilson (23 Aug), Anne Fine (23 Aug), Julia Donaldson (24 Aug), and Terry Deary of horrible history stardom (28 Aug), but there’s a whole lucky-dip of events out there, and some of the titles look good enough to take a chance on even if you’ve got no idea what’s coming.

Try Grubtown Tales (26 Aug), H.I.V.E. (the Higher Institute for Villainous Education; 24 Aug), Sir Charlie Stinky Socks (22 Aug) or Vampirates Ahoy! (21 Aug), or, if you’re a budding illustrator-detective, go solve The Mystery of Harris Burdick (24 Aug) – the adults haven’t managed it yet.

For those who really want to venture into uncharted literary territory, there are Scroll Stories from India (20 Aug), African Legends (23 Aug) or Egyptian Adventures (23 Aug). And if you’re completely at a loss for where to begin, Dr Recommenda Book will be on hand for much of Friday (21 Aug) to prescribe cures for all your reading ills. Just don’t let the end of the week catch you without a book in hand.

See for full details of events.

Anne Fine

Children's event: FAMILIES & 7+ Unrivalled in range, Anne Fine is a masterful and charismatic storyteller. She discusses her newest novel Eating Things on Sticks, the hilarious story of a dreary wet holiday which culminates in a wildly imaginative competition.

Dr Recommenda Book

Children's event: ALL AGES Sick of your same old books? Dying for something new to read? Dr Recommenda Book is on hand today to administer prescriptions to cure your reading ills. The good doctor joins us courtesy of Edinburgh City Libraries to help everyone from babies to teens (and even desperate parents!) find the…

Drama and Action with Julia Donaldson

Children's event: AGE 11 - 14 Julia Donaldson is most famous for her bestselling picture books including The Gruffalo. Now, she turns her hand to compelling teen fiction. Join this award-winning author for an interactive drama workshop inspired by her remarkable novel Running on the Cracks, the story of a runaway…

Egyptian Adventures

Children's event: AGE 8+ Gill Harvey brings us a riveting mystery series set in the time of the Pharaohs. Her interactive show involves props and ancient artefacts to bring the past thrillingly to life. Perfect for fans of Caroline Lawrence and historical adventure.

Grubtown Tales with Philip Ardagh

Children's event: AGE 7+ The zany and gleeful Philip Ardagh waxes lyrical about his insane new series. Grubtown is both grubby and a town, and all its inhabitants are positively bonkers. The infectiously funny and famously bearded mastermind will have you rolling in the aisles. An experience you truly won't want to miss.

Jacqueline Wilson

Children's event: AGE 9+ Jacqueline Wilson's writing has made her an international phenomenon. Hear about her struggles as an aspiring young writer in My Secret Diary, a mix of modern prose and diary excerpts from her teenage years. Please note: the book signing after this event will be limited to a selected number of…

Malorie Blackman

Children's event: TEENS Double Cross is the latest gut-wrenching instalment of Malorie Blackman's fascinating thriller series which started with the innovative Noughts and Crosses. Malorie is a fantastically inventive storyteller - come and discover her powerful, challenging world.

Michael Foreman & Michael Morpurgo

Children's event: AGE 8+ Many of Michael Morpurgo's extraordinary stories are illustrated by Michael Foreman. The masterful imagination of one is magnificently rendered in the delicate illustrations of the other. Join this outstandingly talented pair for a discussion about their incomparable collaborative work. A blissful…

Michael Morpurgo

Children's event: AGE 7+ Masterful and profound, former Children's Laureate Michael Morpurgo touches the hearts and minds of readers like no other. Share a delightful encounter with one of our modern masters. An inspiring event not to be missed.

Scroll Stories from India

Children's event: AGE 8+ Patua scroll painters from India traditionally wander from village to village singing songs and explaining Hindu legends using illustrated scrolls. This evocative method of storytelling has been used by travellers and wandering minstrels for generations. Experience a folk tale from this bardic…

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks with Kristina Stephenson

Children's event: AGE 5 - 8 The daring Sir Charlie is on a mission to save the Princess's lost teddy bear. Our plucky hero will face ghastly ghouls, headless ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Creator Kristina Stephenson performs a musical rendition of Sir Charlie's spooky quest then helps you to create…

Terry Deary

Children's event: AGE 7 - 12 Dr Dee, the astounding alter-ego of Terry Deary, shares the terrible tales and gory stories that feature in the outstanding Horrible Histories! This exclusive festival event features silly songs, frightful facts and Terry's new series Master Crooks Crime Academy. Come for an interactive tour…

The Mystery of Harris Burdick

Children's event: AGE 4 - 7 In the 1950s Harris Burdick showed his illustrations to a publisher, promising to return with the corresponding stories the next day. No one has seen him since. The haunting illustrations have inspired hundreds of writers including Stephen King. Create your own pictures and stories based on the…

Vampirates Ahoy!

Children's event: AGE 10+ The seafaring nightwalkers return! Swashbuckling author Justin Somper reveals his newest plans for the bloodsucking sailors and reads from the latest Vampirates instalment: Black Heart. A thrilling piratical party awaits you, if you dare to join in.