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  • 14 August 2009

This article is from 2009

Twitter Natter

Here at List Towers we have been inundated with Twitter reviews. See below for our top picks, for the people by the people.

@mersyparadise Alun Cochrane. Welcome antidote to angry, acerbic comics he spins a fine yarn in venue, which looks like the Woodside Social!

@shaziaakbar Boys from Brazil are brill, easy on the eye, will get your heart racing & body swaying in the first ten mins.

@half_a_mind Superb comedy and singing by the girls of Princess Cabaret — must see show.

@bobertd The Penny Dreadfuls. Inspired, slightly warped and occasionally shambolic (which just made things funnier). An outstanding show.

@emmajcowan Rob Rouse and his manic humping dog made me cry with laughter – slow burner with great ending and a v nice chap to boot.

@loveleelaydee67 Stand By Your Van – bit surreal but very funny. Definitely worth a view.

@ElementalWed Kataklo Athletic Dance Theatre’s Love Machines — concept, soundtrack & performances great, but a little slow-paced at times.

@John_Fellows just saw Rob Rouse @ the Pleasance. Outragous+hilarious+dog porn=winner! *****

@mersyparadise Go see Sam Simmons. The funniest man in Adelaide! Like an edgier, absurder, surreal Harry Hill. No problems with this show.

@Schneed Just went to see Falsettoland at George Square. Better than expected. Actually very good.

@bobertd The Boom Jennies. ‘Fun, fast-paced, inventive sketch comedy’ was no lie. Three great performers with incredible timing. A joy.

@OwenGriffiths Hardeep Singh Kohli, cooks up a pleasing evening. Banter better than the gags though.

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Princess Cabaret

Once upon a time, seven young Aussie women came to know and love the Disney princesses. Now, through darkly satirical sketches and musical numbers they explore their nostalgia for childhood heroines. 'Cheeky and a lot of fun' (Age).

Hardeep Singh Kohli - The Nearly Naked Chef

  • 3 stars

What could be more memorable than a fat Glaswegian Sikh cooking dinner whilst telling anecdotes? That's right: nothing. So come to the most memorable Glaswegian/Sikh cooking show in the world (excluding Namibia).

Sam Simmons - Problems

  • 3 stars

The multi-award-winning Aussie maestro of suburban absurdism in his UK debut. ***** (Age). 'Simmons is a genius... with a dash of Mighty Boosh and a huge dollop of something that is unmistakably his own' (

Boom Jennies

  • 3 stars

A boisterous sketch carnival from this oddly charming trio. So much fun that by the end you'll have arranged a dinner meeting with strangers in neighbouring rows. 'Bubbly, naughty engaging fun' - **** (ThreeWeeks). 'Hilarious... comedy genius' - **** (Scotsgay).

Penny Dreadfuls Present ... The Never Man

  • 4 stars

The acclaimed comedy troupe return with a new thriller set on a mysterious theme park island. 'Pythonic, Blackaddery excellence' - ***** (The List) ***** (Metro) ***** (ThreeWeeks) Sell-out 06-08. From BBC2 and BBC Radio 4.

Stand By Your Van

  • 2 stars

Someone's gonna win a pick-up truck! All competitors have to do is be the last person to keep their hand on the 25,000 vehicle to win it! Easy, right? Wrong. An extraordinary 'live competition' play.

Rob Rouse: My Family ... and the Dog That Scared Jesus

  • 4 stars

In Edinburgh 1998, Rob Rouse followed in the footsteps of comedy legends such as Peter Kay, Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran when he stormed the So You Think You're Funny? new act competition and won. After performing as part of comedy sketch show Big and Daft (1999, 2000 & 2001), Rob returned to Edinburgh in 2002 and 2003…

Alun Cochrane … Is a Daydreamer (at Night)

Observational comedy, droll storytelling and fantasy all collide to create very funny sort-of jokes from the undisputed king of 'Cochranian' humour: Alun Cochrane. '…just really, really funny' - ★★★★★ (

Kataklo Athletic Dance Theatre's 'Love Machines'

  • 2 stars

World class gymnasts adopt the world of dance and physical theatre. World premiere of a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci's studies of body and machines. 'A jaw-dropping explosion of a performance' (Stage).

Capoeira Knights: The Boys from Brazil

The award-winning six packs return. 'Spectacular dance show... packed with muscle, backflips, blistering samba beats... a big hunk of upbeat Brazilian soul. A jaw-dropping performance' (Scotsman). A Capoeira explosion. Brazilliant!


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