Women in Harmony

This article is from 2009.

Women in Harmony

Out of the Kitchen

Women in Harmony is a self-described ‘girly trio’ consisting of three well-established Scottish singers and instrumentalists, Karine Polwart, Annie Grace and Corrina Hewat. The trio grew out of an informal get-together in Corrina’s kitchen back in January 2006, to knock together a short slot for a Celtic Connections concert that year. Prior to that they had all taken part in several shows in which vocal harmony played a prominent part, including the Scots Women touring package and The Unusual Suspects.

‘Through these collaborative encounters we discovered our mutual love of inventive vocal harmony and before we knew it some of the arrangements we’d assembled spontaneously in buses and back rooms hit the stage. And they actually worked. So we decided to run with it a bit further.’

They have continued to develop the relationship when time allows in their busy schedules. This Fringe show follows in the wake of their participation as the featured vocalists in Dave Milligan’s Burns project Sylvander & Clarinda for the Edinburgh Festival Jazz Orchestra earlier this month.

Queen’s Hall, 668 2019, 21 Aug, 7pm, £13.50 (£10).

Women in Harmony - Annie Grace, Corrina Hewat and Karine Polwart

'Dazzling artistry' (Sue Wilson, HI-Arts). Three individual, distinctive voices with harp, pipes/whistle and guitar perform innovative arrangements of Scots dance songs, lullabies, laments and striking original compositions. www.myspace.com/girlytrio

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