5 Questions: Helen Fitzgerald

This article is from 2009

5 Questions: Helen Fitzgerald

Glasgow-based Antipodean author Helen Fitzgerald has impressed with a series of stark novels. Here, she tears into our Q&A

Give us five words to describe My Last Confession?
Menacing, funny, fast, twisted, gripping.

Which authors should be more famous than they are now?
I love the multiple layers in Kate Atkinson’s stories and think she should be even more famous than she is.

What do you love about book festivals?
It’s fantastic meeting enthusiastic readers (especially if they’re enthusiastic about my books!) and it’s always entertaining watching writers who’ve been cooped up for months as they come blinking into the light.

Which dead author do you wish was still alive today?
I wish Jane Austen was alive. I’d ask her if she was as happy with Colin Firth as I was and I’d be fascinated to see how she’d be marketed. Would she be okay about being on the chick lit shelf alongside Bridget Jones?

What would you change about the publishing world?
Publishers should be less obsessed with categorising books into specific genres.

22 Aug (with Karen Campbell), 6.45pm, £9 (£7).

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