5 Questions: Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler

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  • 13 August 2009

This article is from 2009

5 Questions: Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler

Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler have confessed that they’re back doing the same show that earned them an if.comedy nomination last year. Here, they give our Q&A a right leathering

What five words best describe your show?
Encore performance of last year.

Can you name a comic who should be more famous than they are now?
Stewart Lee should be so famous and so in demand that he is no longer able to make personal appearances. To solve this problem, he hires and trains lookalikes who appear in his place, doing his act, as him. We would like to be those look-a-likes. But we would do his stand up set as a double act.

What bugs you most about Edinburgh in August?
The darkness and the rain and how much fun we are forced to have.

If you were given the chance to start a rumour about yourself, what would it be?
That we actually wrote a totally new show and are just putting it up under the guise of an encore performance of last year’s. Shhhh …

Which dead comic do you wish was still alive and working today?
Andy Kaufman, so we could see him perform.

Assembly Hall, 623 3030, 21–30 Aug, 10.05pm, £13–£14.50 (£11–£13).

Kristen Schaal & Kurt Braunohler - Double Down Hearts

American Vaudeville repeated the same shit until the movies came. Likewise Kristen and Kurt present an encore performance of last year's show. If you saw it feel free to sing along!

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