Eric Bogle & John Munro

This article is from 2009.

Eric Bogle

Bidding a Fond Farewell


In this Year of Homecoming, Scots-born singer and songwriter Eric Bogle is in the midst of a farewell to his homeland, having announced his intention to give up the touring game after this current excursion with fellow expat John Munro.

Bogle emigrated to Australia almost 40 years ago, and admits that while he has a strong emotional tie with Scotland, down under is very much his home. He is best known for his anti-war songs such as ‘The Green Fields of France’ and ‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’, but is realistic about the purpose of such songs.

‘I write them as a personal thing to get it out of my system, and if it gives a voice to people who feel like I do, then well and good, but I don’t fool myself that anything I write will alter things one iota – that would be self-delusion on a grand scale. At best, a song can be a flag to rally behind, but it won’t change anything, more’s the pity.’

Queen’s Hall, 668 2019, 24 Aug 2009, 7pm, £16 (£13).

Eric Bogle and John Munro

Singer/songwriters Bogle and Munro on their final tour of Scotland, the Waltzing Matilda No More Tour.

Eric Bogle and John Munro - 'Waltzing Matilda No More'

On his last-ever UK tour, Eric returns to the Queen's Hall with long-time musical collaborator and fellow Scot John Munro and a bagful of songs old and new.

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