Spaceman (1 star)

This article is from 2009.


Solar endurance test

This is the kind of show that divides audiences, in a Marmite love it or hate it kind of way. Clearly I fall into the latter category, because this one-man show felt like 45 minutes of slow torture.

Performer Paul Rous of Aberdeenshire-based Dudendance cuts a powerful figure on the stage. And at one point, when he examines his arms with a robotic meticulousness, before attempting to smoke a cigarette, the piece almost becomes engaging. Other than that, the painstaking speed with which he crosses the stage dressed in something akin to a Victorian nightgown, rolls around the half-lit floor, or walks on all fours panting like an asthmatic dog, all feels incredibly self-indulgent.

Similarly, the intermittent NASA recordings, which speak of ‘breached co-ordinates’ and ‘post-op comms’ are utterly meaningless to the layperson and do nothing to draw us in. Video footage of somebody rolling on a beach, also fails to ignite the piece – not least because it’s only fully visible from half the auditorium.

St Stephen’s, 0141 565 1000, until 31 Aug (not 24 & 25), 5.30pm, £7 £5).


  • 1 star

Stark, compelling physical theatre. A lone survivor undergoes evolutionary mutations to find out why he is alive. 'Riveting, meticulously detailed morphing, from prowling animal, robotic-machine to alien shape-shifting force... thrillingly well done' (Herald).

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