5 Questions for Go Reborn


This article is from 2009.

5 Questions for Go Reborn

Fleur Macintosh runs independent boutique Godiva in Edinburgh’s West Port and will be running pop-up arts space go reborn during the Festival

Five things to see and buy at go reborn
A rotating showcase of work by Scottish artists, designers, writers and fashionistas. A temporary pop-up Godiva shop taking the best of designers and newcomers from Godiva Boutique. Furniture that charts infidelity through design (!) by award-winning Dundee duo TWIG. Observe designers at work customising vintage clothing and accessories at the Godiva temporary studio. On the go art: artists, graffiti, illustrators and painters will experiment on the canvas walls, and Godiva designers will abstract this art into bags and accessories for sale.

Four local companies who’ve got involved
Owl & Lion Gallery, apemedia.co.uk, AwareInjustice, 21st Century Kilts.

Three ways to get involved with go reborn
Check our daily updated blog by go reborn scribe A F Giles and videos of happenings at www.go-reborn.co.uk. Take part in workshops by Owl & Lion. Come to the weekly exclusive showcasing parties with extra special one-off work.

Two words that define the atmosphere you’re hoping to create
Creative energy.

One reason why pop-up culture is important
Bringing creative people together in a space engenders a delicious sense of anticipation – what will be created during our 21 days in the venue?

Third Floor, Venue Studios (above Ingleby Gallery), 15 Calton Road, 221 9212, until Mon 31 Aug, free.

This article is from 2009.


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