Silviu Purcarete's Faust

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  • 12 August 2009

This article is from 2009.

Silviu Purcarete's Faust

Faust Silviu Purcarete’s wild adaptation of Goethe’s epic theatre poem is a macabre nightmare vision of one-man’s quest for the essence of life. In a part-promenade production featuring a cast of over 100 performers and blending pantomime and industrial music the audience is exposed to sensational scenes of torture, murder and orgies.

Faust, Lowland Hall, Ingliston, 473 2000, until 22 Aug, 7.30pm, £20.


1. Ramona Mitrica20 Aug 2009, 8:36pm Report

Excellent article, Neil. Thank you! Purcarete's reinterpretation of Faust is indeed spectacular.
I've seen Faust during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival as well. Twice! Seeing it third time in Edinburgh!
Brilliant display of Purcarete's wild imagination. Excellent acting from the Radu Stanca Theatre of Sibiu, especially Ofelia Popii (Mefisto) and Ilie Gheorghe (Faust). Helmut Sturmer's set design is amazing in size and vision. Vasile Sirli's music is seductive, haunting, obsessive. This Romanian extravaganza is a must see!

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