Nick Doody (2 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Nick Doody

Playing it safe with all-too reasonable show

Nick Doody worries he might be too reasonable. He’s the kind of guy who sees both sides of the argument, or tones down the truth to be tactful. But he’s got a hunch that makes for really bad comedy. So, he announces, he’s decided to ‘fuck subtlety’ and do a show with black or white opinions. Based on what an audience laugh-o-meter would have told him, his instincts are spot on. Playing it safe with plenty material about London’s municipal transport (not good), and the current economy (in trouble) raises polite smiles (Doody’s also a regular comedy writer for topical radio and TV shows) but it’s when he unleashes his inner Mr Unreasonable that he’s at his most likeable.

He might come off as a child-fearing, God-shunning, coffin-kicking grump, but from a comedy point of view, the darker, cheekier stories are his best bits. Bill Hicks invited Doody to be support act on his final UK tour, and if he’s looking down from comedy heaven, you imagine he’d tell him to drop the reasonable, and just go with the rage instead.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 31 Aug (not 19), 9.45pm, £11–£12 (£9.50–£10.50).

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Nick Doody has decided to sacrifice subtlety for rhetoric. From the youth of today and the troops in Iraq to the point of comedy, there is a black and white to every issue and Nick is intent on finding it. Nick’s satirical stand-up puts a twist on everything from geopolitics to everyday events. Acclaimed for his…

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