The Most Important Show of the Day (2 stars)

This article is from 2009.

The Most Important Show of the Day

An interactive wake-up call

Riding the waves of recently popularised characters such as Brüno and Borat, Richard Simms is a pint-sized fitness fanatic in an 80s-inspired get-up of fluorescent shorts and leg-warmers. ‘Are you getting enough SECS (Spoken Encouragement Compliments and Support)?’ begins Simms, setting the tone for the silly antics and stream of innuendoes which ensue.

A two-course breakfast is served at intervals, setting the atmosphere somewhere between that of a PE lesson and a cruise ship. The show relies upon audience participation in a series of cringeworthy exercises, from making an invisible smoothie to playing with Simms’ oversized balls (see what I mean?). Simms is a cheery, likeable character, whose inane gags neither offend nor stimulate. That said, if you don’t want to be roped into onstage sphincter clenches it is certainly not advisable to sit at the front. A show that will divide those happy to jig along, and those who would rather tell Simms to jog on.

B’est Restaurant, 556 4448, until 31 Aug (not 15, 22, 29), 10.30am, £20.

Most Important Show of the Day

  • 2 stars

Kick-start your day with Richard Simms, the effervescent fitness guru with athe big heart and tiny shorts. Hilarious health advice, celebrity silliness: nuttier than a bowl of muesli, with added fruit! Breakfast included. Richard Simms, the hugely popular and instantly recognisable guru of self help and exercise, is a…


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