Ashley Hames (3 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Ashley Hames

The queasy confessions of a sex reporter

At the top of the show, journalist and TV presenter Ashley Hames (possibly best known as the News Bunny on Live TV!) warns that he’s not a stand-up comedian; certainly his command of the script and PowerPoint presentation is endearingly shambling in parts. But not to worry, as his is an amiable persona that easily carries his tale about how he fell foul of Ofcom after making the documentary series Sin Cities which featured all manner of sadomasochistic practices.

Those of a queasy stomach may want to stay away, or at least take a cushion, as the resulting show has many graphic clips of nails in scrotum and red wine enemas (both undergone by Hames himself in the name of journalism) and descriptions of a madam who specialises in scatological concerns. But what is ultimately fascinating about this project is the small insight it gives into what makes some people tick and the wide ranging and apparently extreme sexual quirks that we have as human beings. All good, semi-clean fun.

Ashley Hames: Confessions of a Sex Reporter

  • 3 stars

A weakness for women and good times never did Ashley any harm. Apart from maybe the scrotum-nailing incident. Bravo's 'Sin Cities' star blazes a toxic trail through a minefield of debauchery.


1. Dead Clown12 Aug 2009, 12:43am4 stars Ashley Hames Report

Well done mate!

Funny, and thought provoking... and in places, quite moving.
Don't let the letter writing moral hypocrits grind you down!

Good luck in taking the act abroad - just sort out the whole
projector/presentation problems and you'll earn that 5th *.

Good luck,
Tim & Claire.

2. kermit's finger12 Aug 2009, 12:18pm5 stars Ashley Hames Report

Great show Ash, how you managed to do all that stuff single-handedly is IMMENSE!

Keep up the top work pal, will be back to see you again before the end of the run...

p.s. that guy in the Debella footage, your asssistant, he's hot

3. LondonGirl19 Aug 2009, 10:27pm4 stars Ashley Hames Report

Came to see you on a quiet night. Had just been to some stand-up and was expecting a really raucous performance from you with lots of naked lady footage. Instead, I found myself waking up and sitting up. I thought your show was fantastic, and all the better for it being a small audience that night. I felt like you were really giving us your full attention, which is really appreciated when- I am sure- you must sometimes feel like it's groundhog day up there at the Fringe. I walked away feeling like I had learned something. I left feeling like s xual fetishes/kinks/quirks/tastes should no longer be taboo. Well done and good luck. PS Are you single? ;)

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