George Ryegold (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.

George Ryegold

Last Fringe, this candle and cushion venue was lit up by the moustachioed mirth of Mike Wozniak with his tales of penile injury and other various bodily malfunctions. The mental scars will have just about healed for all those who heard tell of such pains, when in walks George Ryegold to up the ante and go deeper and darker into the fragility of the human frame. With a show title such as Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead, you’d expect a foul-mouthed (possibly Antipodean) people-hater to be espousing euthanasia at every turn, but instead we have the good (British) doctor piercing our brain sacks with images and similes which will linger long and hard in the mind.

Ryegold has the measured style of Wozniak with the treacly boom of a UK Louis CK, applying a rich coating over the never-ending talk of genital and faecal misfortune. It would be a medicinal treat to have him pacing up and down the corridors of the comedy circuit. Whether you’d want him looming large above your sickbed is another matter.

Medina & Negociants, 225 6313, until 17 Aug, 10.15pm; 19–30 Aug (not 25), 11.30pm, £5.

George Ryegold - Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead

  • 4 stars

Pioneering stand-up comedy. A jolly dissection of the human condition, its wondrous depravity and grotesque beauty. 'Wicked... twisted... deliciously dark' (Time Out).

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