All That Gomez (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.

All That Gomez

Brash bravado and thoughtful theatrics

Marga Gomez is wearing a gold lamé tracksuit top with boots to match, a pair of black-framed glasses and a headscarf. This ensemble is loud, brash and ridiculous but like her comedy, it’s hard not to like. At first Gomez seems hesitant; ‘can I talk about everything?’ she asks, before launching into lesbianism, oral sex etiquette and the sex clubs in her home town of San Francisco. The conversion of her American material to an Edinburgh show has perhaps slowed her stride, especially as it relies on American stereotypes of an Puerto Rican heritage. But when it comes to theatrics Gomez is in her comfort zone and producing hilarious results.

A highlight is a re-enactment of a scene from the sci-fi thriller Sphere, in which Gomez played a small part. The more she transforms into this serious role, the more absurdly brilliant it becomes. Characters are Gomez’ forte and fortunately there is enough of them to uplift the weaker observational routines. It’s a gregarious performance and Gomez leaves the audience wanting more of that shiny, gold lamé bravado.

All That Gomez

  • 4 stars

Robin Williams calls Marga Gomez 'a lesbian Lenny Bruce.' Her spicy comedy and quirky tales will put the tart in your tartan and a tilt in your kilt. 'Gomez beguiles' (Time Out, NY).

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