Alan Francis & Barnaby Power (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Alan Francis & Barnaby Power

Satisfying stings and filthy finales

Two blokes delivering a series of sketches stitched together with a bit of banter might make for a fairly conventional act, but the delivery is pitch perfect and the timing spot on here, all of which makes this comedian-actor duo’s show well worth catching. Coming across like a bit of Fry and Laurie combined with a dash of The League of Gentlemen, Alan Francis (a stocky amiable comic) and Barnaby Power (a scrawny wannabe thespian) present a dozen or so ‘playlets’ (as the latter rather pretentiously calls them).

On paper, the set-ups might not appear to be particularly promising: a Glaswegian club singer who suffers from Tourette’s; a posh Englishman who tries to set his chum up with his wife; a Victorian gent who employs a medium to put him in touch with his beloved Nan-Nan. But the ‘playlets’ prove to be wicked little things with surprising and satisfying stings in their tales. The proof, as Power might say, is in the pudding with the show generating plenty of guffaws. And, lying in bed the following morning, this critic found himself laughing out loud on recalling the final, filthy gag.

Inside Alan Francis & Barnaby Power

  • 4 stars

Two of the country's finest comic performers bring you sketches and characters that bite. 'Odd, uncomfortable and extremely funny' - **** (The List). 'Timing that could give Accurist a run for their money' - **** (Scotsman).

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