Party (4 stars)

This article is from 2009


Thrusting politicos, talented comics

Seemingly unlike the vast majority of politicians in this country, Tom Basden is a truly honourable man. Having written this tight and hilarious comic play about a gaggle of diverse characters fumbling their way around the formation of a new political party, he has somewhat kindly given all the best lines and sharpest moves to his fellow performers. But little wonder when he has the expansive talents of Tim Key, Anna Crilly, Jonny Sweet and Katy Wix to call on; and they take up the offer with relish and gusto.

Believing that he has been invited to an actual party, Duncan (Key) erroneously drops in on a debating chamber of young thrusting politicos who are trying in their own argumentative and gently corrupting way to change the world. What could have been a hectoring state-of-the-nation-hour thankfully loosens up and lets the quintet shift into full-on comic mode. There, they greedily swallow the deft language and spit out the many pay-offs as they vote on leader, a party name and whether China is a good thing.


  • 4 stars

By Tom Basden. A new comic play about wanting to change the world but having no idea how and little idea why. With Tom Basden, Anna Crilly, Tim Key, Jonny Sweet and Katy Wix.