Morecambe (4 stars)

This article is from 2009.


Show-stopping comic tribute

This funny-sad account of the life and death of the man who was dubbed Britain’s ‘comedian of the century’ is already a big hit with Fringe crowds. It’s fair to assume that the prospect of seeing the late, great Eric Morecambe brought back to life on stage would alone have been enough to put plenty of bums on seats. And it’s probably the case that simply recreating Morecambe’s memorable comic mannerisms – fluttering his specatcles, yelping at punchlines, those sudden switches from clown to brusier, etc – and performing a selection of the still hilarious one-liners Eric delivered to his straight-man Ernie would have made for an entertaining show in its own right.

Happily, however, Morecambe is more than mere tribute. Tim Whitnall’s script, as directed by Guy Masterson, really gets to grips with its subject, looking back over the life of the lad from Lancashire who became ‘the tall one with glasses’ and suggesting it was his innate funny bones that ultimately did him in. And taking on the daunting task of filling the man’s shoes, comic actor Bob Golding delivers a show-stopping performance.


  • 4 stars

Tim Whitnall's play brilliantly celebrates Eric Morecambe, Comedian of the Century. Affectionate lad with funny bones, born entertainer, the man what brought us sunshine, 'the tall one with glasses'. Hilarious, moving, sensational, Bob Golding is directed by Guy Masterson. Already the best selling show on the fringe.


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