Andy and Mike's… Big Box of Bananas (4 stars)

This article is from 2009

Andy and Mike's . . . Big Box of Bananas

Fun and frolics in the fun pad

The power of children’s TV was always going to ensure that CBeebies presenter, Andy Day found an audience at the Fringe – and a big one at that. What’s pleasing, therefore, is that it’s thoroughly deserved. Day and his partner in silliness, Mike James have created an hour of off-beat mayhem that would appeal to pretty much any age.

Finding a large box in their ‘fun pad’, the guys set off on a journey to uncover the password which will enable them to open it. Entrusting us, the audience, as house sitters while they’re gone. We’re also charged with monitoring their dreams – which become increasingly bonkers as the show progresses – in the hope of finding said password within them.

And, of course, anything can happen in a dream – giving the duo license to turn the daftness up a level by dressing as air hostesses, pirates and contestants on ‘Ocean’s Got Talent’, an underwater TV show. The show’s structure may appear hap-hazard, but the duo’s rapport with the audience, witty dialogue, energy and drive is right on the money.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 23 Aug, 12.50pm, £8 (£6).

Andy and Mike's … Big Box of Bananas

  • 4 stars

A mysterious, magical box appears, but to open it, CBeebies presenter Andy Day and comedy partner Michael James must take the journey of their life! Come and find out what's inside!

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