Something About Others (3 stars)

This article is from 2009.

Something About Others

Thoughtful moves delivered on a big ideas soundtrack

For a mere fiver, Something About Others delivers four brave modern ballet pieces in 45 minutes, through an entertaining soundscape that moves from classical to club anthem by way of a medieval haunt. You might not derive all the nuances of the stories being told through dance, but the moves are mostly thought-inspiring.

The first piece, Something About Others, sparks a few tingly shivers as four turquoise-clad women entangle with four men-in-black to the tune of Berlioz’s fantastically noirish Symphonie Fantastique: Dream of a Witches Sabbath. The flowing movement in Frontier invokes feelings of free spiritedness, while the penultimate piece, Sidewinding (excerpt), is a snake-inspired solo performance by Benoit Egloff.

The pace moves up a notch when electronica hits the decks for Out of Darkness, giving way to some clubbing atmos and attitude with a pelvic judder, skirt shakes and smirks in a tale of growing up gay and struggling with sexuality. An easy slice of contemporary ballet that’s worth your lunch hour and probably cheaper than your lunch.

Dance Base, 225 5525, until 16 Aug (not 11), times vary, £5.

Something About Others

  • 3 stars

Vibrant triple bill of classical and contemporary ballet. After a stunning run at last year's Fringe, NYD return with three brand new works. 'Dynamite worthy of any dance fan's attention' (Scotsman).

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