Self-made Cavalcade (4 stars)

This article is from 2009

Self-made Cavalcade

Photograph: Johannes Sailer

Playful, engaging group show by international artists

Artists from Munich, Edinburgh and Glasgow go head to head in this enjoyable and playful exhibition of multimedia, multi-discipline work developed from a previous exchange show in the German city.

Christian Newby’s ‘Kromvex Mirror’ opens the show with an ingenious nod to the theatrical, film and performance elements that power the other works here. This twin-screen black and white Super 8 projection brings to mind night vision aerial shots of war zones – but look closer and anthropomorphism is taking hold. Aiko Okamoto’s ‘Ruft’, places childhood obsessions in a benign performance art cycle (in more ways than one). The three-wall hung sculptural works by the brilliant Pio Abad – ‘Dikta’, ‘The Humanist’ and ‘Mass Follows Class’ – are like variations on the 1970s flying geese decorations, albeit ones rich in gold leaf, intricate design and vinyl tiling.

Floe Defoe brings a bit of Germanic order to things with the neatly conceptual sound and film piece ‘Leo’, which uses chance and the interference to create both its aural and visual content. Allison Gibbs’ environmentally savvy sculpture ‘Pylonic Vibration’ and sound piece ‘Transmission Remission’ deconstruct the familiar electricity pylon (and all its inherent radioactivity) with ideas of colour therapy and architectural depression. Elvis-loving Gang Hut doyen Amy Marletta brings her usual humour and quirk to the joyous video Elvis Lives Upstairs. Best of all, Clea Stracke and Verena Seibt’s five-minute film ‘Und das Schiff fährt’ [and the ship sails on] re-imagines the Munich Art Academy as a high sea sailing ship. All aboard!

Art’s Complex, 07851 405417, until 5 Sep (not Mon–Wed), free.

self-made cavalcade

  • 4 stars

A group show comprising of work by emerging artists from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Munich. Curated by JaAliceKlarr (Kate Andrews & Louise Briggs) the show examines artists’ networks in the wider social scene including their own work as writers / curators. This sharing of artistic identities aims to demonstrate the strong…

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