5 Questions: Donald Reid

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  • 7 August 2009

This article is from 2009

Donald Reid

Director of the Festival of Spirituality and Peace

Five events you’re most looking forward to at this year’s Festival

The Root of All Evil? with Vincent Cable MP and Nic Marks.
Chopin Recital by Aleksander Kudajczyk.
Yathra (Journey) by Ragamala Dance.
Rendition Monologues by iceandfire theatre.
The screening of War Requiem by Derek Jarman.

Four aims of the festival this year

To make a difference for good, to connect amazing people with other amazing people, to continue (humbly) to be the fastest growing festival in Edinburgh, and to have fun, preferably in our wonderful Festival Café.

Three speakers you’re excited about hearing this year

Naim Ateek, a Palestinian Anglican ‘liberation theologian’; Bob, a former RUC policeman talking about the pain on the Good Friday agreement for people like him; and Suhayl Saadi, author of Psychoraag and Joseph’s Box.

Two reasons why people should come

Because stuff matters and they’ll meet others who think so too.

One wish you’ve got for the future

That we infect the world virally with the antidote to the disease of violence. 99% of people want to live in peace, so it’s our turn. Just watch out for the multicoloured lizards, though.

St John’s Church, 473 2000, 9–30 August, times and prices vary. View full listings.

Ragamala Dance Presents Yathra (Journey)

Ragamala unfolds the poetry and rhythmic complexity of Bharatanatyam, the classical dance of Southern India. 'Superb' (Scotsman). Yathra explores the human journey - from the dawn of birth to the twilight of life. Featuring live music.

Rendition Monologues

A weaving together offour first-hand accountsfrom victims of extraordinary rendition, the CIA's practice of transferring terror suspects to third countriesfor interrogation and torture. Features after-showspeakers and discussion. Supported by Reprieve. www.iceandfire.co.uk(part of www.festivalofspirituality.org.uk).

Rana Dasgupta & Suhayl Saadi

FINE FICTION An hour of spellbinding fiction. Rana Dasgupta's Solo is a devastating, rapturous novel about the life and daydreams of a reclusive 100 year old man from Bulgaria. Suhayl Saadi's extraordinary and ambitious Joseph's Box sets its protagonists on a quest, starting in Glasgow, and closing amidst the frozen peaks…

The Root of All Evil?

Money scandals in high finance and in politics have rocked our economy and our political system to the core. After decades of ‘greed is good’ and the pursuit of money, what remains when we are dis-illusioned? Is this a crisis or an opportunity? Can a materialist society re-centre itself on other values? With two…

Yathra (Journey) presented By Ragamala Dance

Ragamala Dance have won critical acclaim all over the world for their breathtaking contemporary presentation of Bharatanatyam (the ancient dance form of Southern India). Following their highly successful 2008 Fringe appearance, Ragamala return with the European premiere of Yathra (Journey), exploring the intricacies of…

Rendition Monologues

Presented by iceandfire theatre (www.iceandfire.co.uk). Scripted by Christine Bacon. Original score by Michael Edwards. This documentary play accompanied by a live score, weaves together first-hand accounts of four men who have been victims of "extraordinary rendition", the CIA's practice of transferring people to prisons…

Aleksander Kudajczyk: Chopin Recital

Aleksander Kudajczyk, a graduate of the Music Academy in ?ód?, Poland, made Scotland his home in 2006. He enthralled the world's media when his virtuoso playing was overheard at the Glasgow University Chapel. He is now playing to sell-out audiences around Scotland and abroad, as well as teaching and inspiring future…