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  • 10 August 2009

This article is from 2009.

Singing to save the school

Faced with the potential closure of his children’s primary school, Angus Reid did all the usual things: went to meetings, met the Council and Scottish Parliament, wrote a musical. The last one on that list may seem a strange response, but as Reid says: ‘Where was the song ‘Save our School’?’

So he went off and wrote it – along with 13 other show-stopping tunes about primary school life. Meanwhile, the school fought a successful campaign to remain open, and Reid worked with pupils to create Primary School Musical!, the witty, gritty tale of a group of kids who save their school. Along the way they encounter the boy/girl divide, living with a single parent, tackling the powers that be, and a few tough kids down the road.

Once the show has been performed, Reid plans to offer it to primary schools across Scotland. ‘The attempt to close our school was nearly two years ago,’ says Reid. ‘And it has taken almost everyday since then to fashion an artistic reply. The show is edgy, funny, tender – and a bit subversive. It’s a great message for every community, and a great musical for any school that has the guts to stage it.’ (Kelly Apter)

The Big Red Door, Lady Lawson Street, 229 1480, 14 & 16 Aug, 7pm; 15 Aug, 2pm, £5 (£3).

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