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  • 6 August 2009

This article is from 2009.


The highs and lows of clubland

Aerial work can often be filled with magic and mystery, as you watch a performer fly fearlessly through the air. That bravado, however, is based on many things — not least the person behind the scenes making it all happen. ‘The aerial technician is so important,’ explains Chantal McCormick of Ireland’s Fidget Feet aerial dance company. ‘And because I’ve been choreographing for so long, I understand the rigging, the possibilities of what you can do in the air and what equipment you can use.’

McCormick’s latest project is a powerful exploration of nightlife culture – the fun, the fear, the laughter and tears. Mixing gravity-defying aerial work with ground-based contemporary moves, RAW will live up to its name in more ways then one.

‘The whole show is raw,’ says McCormick. ‘We’re not trying to hide anything. The director wanted all the harness kit and clipping-in to be visible, and to find a theatrical reason for doing it all.’ Director, David Bolger is well known to Fringe audiences for his award-winning work with Irish dance theatre company, CoisCéim (Chamber Made, Knots). He and McCormick have explored the key elements of clubland, to create an emotionally rich, visually dynamic piece of dance theatre.

‘We looked at the whole idea of the DJ,’ says McCormick. ‘Asking what do they stand for, what’s their role? In the show he’s the key character, almost like a shaman. And the whole stage gets covered with water at the end, because if you’re in a nightclub, water is very important – that purity and cleansing.’ (Kelly Apter)

Dance Base @ Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 225 5525, 14–27 Aug (not 17, 24), 9pm (15–16 & 22-23 Aug 2pm), £12 (£10).


  • 3 stars

Breathtaking, gravity defying aerial and risqué pole-dancing, circus-dance spectacular. In RAW's hot, sexy clubland, the DJ slips into a shamanic counterpart infecting the hedonistic clubbers. Are we in a fun-loving club or a social prison? www.dancebase.co.uk

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