5 Questions: Tony Mills

The breakdancer, takes time out from his TV-inspired show, Watch It! to answer our 5 Questions


This article is from 2009.

Give five reasons why people should see your show
It’s a real visual feast – it’s not just dance but a performance with integrated film, animation and a wee bit of theatre; It’s not aloof, so there should be something in there for everyone to relate to; It takes the audience on a journey, transporting them into a world that is surreal, funny and touching; It’s a world premiere – honest!; Times are tough and a 45 min show in the Fringe for a fiver = BARGAIN!!

What are the 4 best things about hip hop dance?
It strives to be original, always evolving; It really embraces a grassroots, do-it-yourself approach to creativity, with people doing things off their own back because they just want to get something out there; The trends and obsessions that run parallel – like sneakers and tracksuits; On the ground level it’s a world wide community, you can go pretty much anywhere and link up with a breaking crew. They may not speak your language but you can connect through the dance.

Who are the 3 biggest influences on the Tony Mills style?
Definitely Edinburgh-based Australian dancer, Janis Claxton, she has taught me a lot; DV8, Jasmin Vardimon, Ballets C de la B and similar companies; The world around me.

Your show is about TV – what are your 2 favourite TV shows?
24 will always be number one – don’t mess with Jack Bauer; And I’ve been watching True Blood recently.

What 1 word sums up ‘Watch It!’?

Dance Base, 225 5525, 12–16 Aug, times vary, £5.

This article is from 2009.

Watch iT!

We all love TV... don't we? This funny, enlightening solo merges physical theatre and contemporary dance with the unique skills of breakdancer Tony Mills documenting one man's love/hate, sometimes plain weird, relationship with the little screen. www.dancebase.co.uk


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