MAGAZINE 09: Creative Spaces

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  • 6 August 2009

This article is from 2009.

MAGAZINE 09: Creative Spaces

Inspired by Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s plans to create an international centre for contemporary sculpture, three artists have been invited to explore the notion of creative space within ESW’s existing premises. The artists will particularly focus on relationships between individuals, objects and activities in public spaces.

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, 551 4490, 15–30 Aug, free.


'At some point architecture becomes sculpture, and sculpture becomes architecture; at some point they meet... For instance a wall is an element of architecture. The dimension of that wall is also an element of sculpture.' (Isamu Noguchi).

MAGAZINE 09: Creative Spaces

This year’s MAGAZINE exhibition is the first of a two-part project inspired by the planned development of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop’s new international centre for contemporary sculpture. This first stage will examine notions of creative space as being formed by the relationships between individuals, objects and…

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