5 Questions: Carol Ann Duffy

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  • 6 August 2009

This article is from 2009.

5 Questions: Carol Ann Duffy

Glasgow-born Carol Ann Duffy may be a tad busy being Britain’s Poet Laureate at the moment, but she still found time to answer our 5 Questions

5 things that inspire you the most
My daughter, Ella, who is just 14. Meeting other poets and reading poetry in general. My lovely friends. Travelling (preferably by train!) and spending time in different places. Spending time in Ireland and in Italy when I can.

4 reasons why people should go and see your Fringe show, The Princess’ Blankets
To see and hear the amazing talents of musician John Sampson. To listen to new poems and a whole new fairytale. To go to an event as a family. To find out what makes the Princess stop feeling so cold!

3 best things about poetry
You can learn it by heart. It can make you laugh or cry. It can change the way you see things.

2 words that best describe your writing style
Very good.

1 word that sums up how you feel about performing at the Fringe

Scottish Storytelling Centre, 556 9579, 15–24 Aug, 1pm, £7.50 (£5).

Carol Ann Duffy

Children's event: AGE 9+ Carol Ann Duffy's insightful prose and romantic spirit perfectly capture the otherworldly delights of fairy tale magic. Experience The Lost Happy Endings and other stories and poems with this celebrated spinner of tales and our new Poet Laureate. Accompanied by musician John Sampson.

Carol Ann Duffy

THE BIG ISSUE EVENT Carol Ann Duffy is a voice much loved in Charlotte Square: warm and witty, provocative and heart-rending in equal measure. A perennial and hugely popular visitor to the festival, her flair for language is nothing short of breathtaking. Come and be transported by the nation's first female Poet…

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