5 Questions: Debbie Pearson from the Forest Fringe

  • The List
  • 6 August 2009

This article is from 2009

5 Questions for Debbie Pearson from the Forest Fringe

The Forest Fringe promises to be one of the must-see events at this year’s Festival, showcasing some of the most exciting new theatre in the country. Artistic director Debbie Pearson takes time out of her hectic schedule to tackle our Q & A

5 words to describe the Forest Fringe?
Adventurous, supportive, spontaneous, revolutionary, lo-fi.

4 shows you’re looking forward to seeing in Edinburgh this August
Littlebulb’s Sporadical and Action Hero’s A Western at Forest, Nic Green’s Trilogy at St. Stephen’s and Daniel Kitson’s The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church at the Traverse.

3 things you love about Edinburgh in August
That beautiful shows and companies you’ve never heard of seem to emerge from out of nowhere. You can try predicting what’s going to be great, but something incredible and totally unexpected always comes out of the woodwork. That every hour of the day becomes a valuable commodity not to be wasted. That artists (at Forest in particular) are supportive and excited about each other’s shows, and having informal dialogues and feedback all the time.

2 things you hate about Edinburgh in August
Posters, flyers and paper. 90% of it wasted. The commodifying of an hour – it’s a love/hate thing. Sometimes there’s nothing better than just taking a long aimless walk in Edinburgh with no particular timeframe and relishing in it. How much money everyone ends up spending, artists and audiences alike.

1 word to describe how you’re feeling right now
Electric. Like I’ve been plugged into a light socket and it could go either way.

The Forest Café, 17–30 Aug, all events free, tickets in person from box office. www.forestfringe.co.uk