Unspoken Lines

  • The List
  • 3 August 2009

This article is from 2009.

Unspoken Lines

For this exhibition at the new Henderson Gallery Scottish artist Joyce Gunn Cairns showcases a key strand of her work: portrait heads of key figures in Scottish life. Inspired by Kaethe Kollwitz, Pat Douthwaite and Rembrandt, Cairns’ original subjects were writers including AL Kennedy, Ali Smith and Alexander McCall Smith, reflecting the artist’s love of poetry, but she has since broadened her focus to include people from many different fields.

The Henderson Gallery, 225 7464, until 5 Sep, free.

Joyce Gunn Cairns

Edinburgh-based artist and frustrated writer Joyce Gunn Cairns shows a collection of portraits she has painted of writers, actors, storytellers and musicians, including her own son, playwright Michael Shand, and Alasdair Gray.

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