Andy and Mike's ... Big Box of Bananas

This article is from 2009

Andy and Mike's ... Big Box of Bananas

To the nation’s children, presenters on CBeebies and CBBC are practically like gods, bringing great programmes, reading out birthday cards and generally acting the fool. Currently enjoying his place in the sun is Andy Day, a regular smiling face on the CBeebies channel, and one half of ‘Andy and Mike’, a comedy duo headed for the Fringe.

‘It’s really nice to be able to actually see the kids,’ says Day. ‘Because I’m usually in front of a camera in a studio, so it’s great to do something live.’ Andy and Mike’s … Big Box of Bananas finds the twosome on a quest, during which they must discover three passwords to open the magic box. Along the way, the audience meets a host of characters and a great deal of silliness.

‘The characters are all played by us,’ says Day. ‘Such as pirates, air stewards and a section called ‘Ocean’s Got Talent’ which is like Britain’s Got Talent but we’re underwater.’ The original concept for the show came from Day’s grandmother, who passed away when he was five, but left behind a box of goodies for him to open when he was 16. Together with his long-term pal since primary school, Michael James, Day decided to turn his nan’s quirky idea into an hour of fun for all.

‘It started off as a show for ages 4–11,’ says Day. ‘But now it’s got a real family vibe, with lots for everyone.’

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, 9–23 Aug, 12.50pm, £8 (£6). Previews 7 & 8 Aug, £6.

Andy and Mike's … Big Box of Bananas

  • 4 stars

A mysterious, magical box appears, but to open it, CBeebies presenter Andy Day and comedy partner Michael James must take the journey of their life! Come and find out what's inside!