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Emotionally-charged circus

It’s circus, but not as we know it. Australian company, Circa takes the jaw-dropping, spine-bending moves every good acrobatic outfit should have – then injects them with something special. Although as far as Circa’s artistic director, Yaron Lifschitz is concerned, that special ingredient was never missing.

‘Our starting point is that everything is already there,’ he says. ‘A tumble already has all the elements of artistic expression inside it – we just need to pull it apart. It’s as though we have a great big palette of moves that don’t come from real life – they’re just obscure things that circus people do. And for us it’s like being a painter and discovering a whole new set of colours that nobody else has. So we get to paint really beautiful, interesting and strange things out of that.’

Claiming to have been ‘born without the narrative enzyme’, Lifschitz and his company create works that are purely abstract. But while there’s no story, emotion is still high on the agenda. ‘Our work tends to be quite intense and very really emotionally driven with a lot of vulnerability and passion,’ he says. ‘I think of it as being like a great album – it’s not a story but there’s a lot going on. And I think we’re one of the few circus shows where people say they cried during it.’

Assembly @ Assembly Hall, 8–31 Aug (not 10, 17 & 24), 4.30pm, £14.50–£16 (£13–£15). Previews 6 & 7 Aug, £5.


  • 5 stars

Thrilling and moving. Tightly connected acrobatic sequences, intricate scenes and hauntingly beautiful moments. Physical poetry and extraordinary circus skills combine, bathed in layers of sound, light and projection. C!rca has received standing ovations around the world.


1. Epoustouflant!7 Aug 2009, 7:26pm5 stars Circa Report

It is like a physical performance such as the one you would see in a circus, but with expression, a choregraphy, music, fun, love and happiness.
A must see

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